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Walnut Toddler Sleigh Beds
Toddler sleigh beds built or finished with Walnut are a great way to add depth and beautiful dark-wood furniture to your toddler's room or nursery.

Walnut toddler sleigh beds are often not made from Walnnut, but rather finished with Walnut-colored stain. This is why it you are looking for a true Walnut toddler sleigh bed, then make sure the bed is made of genuine hardwood.

A toddler sleigh bed made of walnut is the darkest natural-looking wood walnut sleigh bed you will be able to find. There are black toddler sleigh beds out there, but those are likely just painted black.

For different types of toddler sleigh beds besides walnut toddler sleigh beds, check out the left menu.

Current Special Offers on Walnut Toddler Sleigh Beds

Sleigh Toddler Bed by Angel Line

Sleigh Toddler Bed by Angel Line

Angel Line Sleigh Toddler Bed Featuring a fantastic sleigh design Angel Lines Sleigh Toddler Bed features sturdy hardwood construction and a classic retro look that will take you back to your own youth. The Angel Line Sleigh Bed is perfectly sized to fit a toddler whos at that transitional stage between the crib and an adult bed. The Sleigh Toddler Bed has rails to keep your child safe And you will love the available finishes all of which are designed to enhance the decor of any nursery or bedroom. *Note: This item does not ship to the following states: AK CA HI OR WA.

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